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Behavioral Science Associates (BSA) assists software and product development organizations with design of products and services. We supply a broad range of expertise that spans the major phases within software, product and service development. BSA can help your organization in the analysis of existing systems, innovative usable design, software development, and the delivery and evaluation of new or enhanced products and services. Our specialty areas include the design of end-user interfaces and the customer experience, business and systems analysis, process engineering, systems development, data analysis, database design and implementation, project management, usability evaluation services, and Software Quality Assurance. We have significant experience in the design and development of Interactive Speech Recognition systems, as well as, Web based and client/server development. BSA provides value-added support activities for small or complex and large software development programs. We have been supplying our client-centered expertise for over twenty years to diverse software development organizations, which include telecommunications industries, financial and trading companies, and research institutions.

The goal of our organization is to assist our clients and their development teams in designing and building end-users products, services and systems that are optimized for reliability, efficiency of performance, ease of use, reduced training time, and the reduction of errors. Our solution focused processes and product designs are crafted to the specific needs and unique characteristics of our clients, their business and their end users.

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